Henrix – Rock This Dream EP [MIXMASH]

Posted: April 10, 2013 by DJ JPH in Electro House, Progressive House
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Pedro Henriques, better known to the world as Henrix, is back in EDM spotlight once again. After releasing “Hit It!” (with GTA & Digital LAB) on ex-SHM member Steve Angello’s Size Records with great success (56 plays in the last month), the 27-year-old releases a three track EP on Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records. The EP is made up of 2 original tracks and 1 collaboration with fellow young-gun, Jakob Liedholm. Each track has its own great vibe, and should be able to satisfy any DJ looking for tracks. Song by song review after the jump.

1. Henrix feat. Roland Clark – Rock This Dream
Henrix opens this EP with its namesake. He keeps the energy level high throughout, having the intro lead straight into the build up to a grinding drop; introduced by a vocal “Rock this!” After 45 seconds, the vibe changes into a more mellow and melodic section. Roland Clark provides exciting and energizing vocals, and before you know it, we’re back into Henrix’s electro craziness once again.

2. Jakob Liedholm & Henrix feat. Giuseppe Viola – Losing My Mind
Liedholm’s influence is evident on the second track of the EP, as the track has more of a progressive feel to it. Viola’s lyrics speak of the ever-present issue of lost love, and give the track a more emotional connection. In my opinion, Liedholm & Henrix worked together to make one of the best progressive house songs of 2013.

3. Henrix – Viral
Henrix lets his wild side out to close the EP, with a more electro and percussion based track. The track begins with a loud, festival ready melody, which drops into a wild and drum-heavy section, triggered by a “party time!” sample.

All in all, Henrix takes a HUGE step toward greater success with this release. Look out for his name, he’s going to be only growing larger. In fact, he announced that he will be touring with Bassjackers & Dyro on their “The Grid” tour. EP is out now, buy it on Beatport!

(PS: Check out Henrix’s guest mix for Mixmash Records here!)



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